Have you met Chamomile?  

   Chamomile is mellow and sweet. You might find her in a flowery field, or napping in the shade of a citrus grove. She's a whimsical one, dreaming by day and by night.  

  Generally, Chamomile is thought of as a “just before bed” tea. But what do you drink for daydreams? For Chamomile’s blend, I wanted a tea that was perfect for sleepy afternoons as well as for peaceful evenings. 

   A traditional blend of chamomile, lemongrass, and spearmint seemed too mundane for a daytime tea. I wanted to highlight the sweetness of nectar-laden chamomile, while contrasting it with citrusy elements of spring. 

chamomile and elder flower

   To begin, I balanced the large chamomile heads with tiny elder flower blossoms. The two together create a rich, honey sweetness. Next, I blend in lemon and orange peel for a fresh citrus contrast

   Strawberry leaf smells grassy when it’s dried, but after steeping the true flavors of strawberry and pepper emerge. Finally, I add a small amount of spearmint to lift all of the flavors to your nose. 

   In blending this tea, I wanted to share the way I saw chamomile. Herbal teas can be just as vibrant and tasty as caffinated teas! 

     -TeaMaster Tay